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  1. School is nominated/registered with a teacher acting as Olympiad coordinator/contact point for the school
  2. Team consists of 1 to 5 students all from the same school
  3. All students are currently actively enrolled
  4. There is no age limit for students
  5. Unlimited teams per school
  6. Team may submit max 1 project for IBCOL and 1 for IDSOL

No prior knowledge or experience required.


Teams are encouraged to prepare a 5 minute presentation for their posterboard in the case of being selected for the HKBCOL finals.


  1. Awards of Merit
  2. Best Secondary School Team - District
  3. Best Secondary School Team - Hong Kong
  4. Best Prototype

Apart from ‘Awards of Merit’ all other prizes consist of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places

Or download a hard copy of the registration form here

Workshops & Resources

In addition to the main competition, HKBCOL also offers optional free workshops and training courses to professionally develop your ideas and skills.

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Incubation & Internship programs

Top 10 teams will be nominated to potential internship and incubation program including but not limited to FinTech, RegTech and EdTech companies subject to project requirements.