Blockchain Training

Self-paced online courses

With our self-paced learning resources at, students can access the Fundamental (BC 100 series) and Solution Design (BC 200 series) blockchain courses at their own pace.

Live Q&A session, and exclusive contents for BC 100 and BC 200 series, live coding workshop (BC 300 series) will cover Java, Corda, HLF, and Algorand.

  • BC 100 - 300 series live course
    see Google Calendar for the schedule
  • Writing and Pitching Workshop
    The schedule will announce in March

Blockchain Training Certificate

Students can earn the blockchain training certificate after completion of the following:

  • Study BC 100 and BC 200 self-paced online series
  • Pass all levels of multiple-choice quizzes
  • Pass the final multiple-choice exam

Blockchain Hackathon

A two-day event, teams of non-technical students propose ideas that leverage blockchain to solve real-world issues and technical students find teams whose ideas interest them and for ideas that they are interested to build a prototype for. We hope that these events will facilitate balanced team formation for the IBCOL among students.



Ideation Sessions

Bring your ideas & work with mentors & industry professionals on real world problems & potential blockchain solutions. The topics include FinTech, EduTech, RegTech, GovTech, IoTech, MedTech, PropTech, LogTech, SciTech, Health 3.0, Industrie Industries 4.0, Society 5.0

Jan-Apr: Mon (4-7pm), Thu (4-7pm)
Limited capacities.

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