An open case blockchain competition.
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on Saturday 19 June
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The Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad (HKBCOL) is an annual competition inviting current and recent students to propose solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology.

HKBCOL combines the practicality of a traditional case competitions with the open-ended problem-solving culture of hack-a-thons. As a team of up to 5 students, competitors will submit their case as using an academic conference style white-paper along with a pitch and presentation deck.

High performing teams are then invited to register for the International Blockchain Olympiad where they compete against the very best from around the world.

No registration or participation costs.

Why Compete?

As we move into an ever growing online world, students will find themselves in a job market where blockchain will be generating over HK$24 trillion by 2030 across all industry verticals. HKBCOL offers not only a strong foundation for these pathways but also valuable experience in critical thinking and problem solving.

How do I Register?

Secondary School Students

Check if your school has been nominated to compete. You can find the list of nominated/participating schools here.

More about the secondary school track

Download a brochure to know more about secondary school track.

University Students

University students can apply directly for the Hong Kong Blockchain Olympiad.

More about the university track